Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I recently met Tsutomu Yamagata (Tom) a Japanese portrait photographer, who was exhibiting some great portraits in a Hutong in Beijing. Tom's exhibition was called thirteen orphans and was great to see. It reminded me that portrait photography is an area I would like to develop further from a personal perspective. And, it has to be said, there are some great opportunities for this in China. However, one of my personal favourites thus far was taken one night in my local pub in London. The girl is called Megan and is a Hackney resident.

And on to China, this is a picture of my friend's son. He had just woken me up by taking photos of me so I thought I would get him back. We spent a week together with him talking to me in Chinese and me not understanding a word. Yet, this didn't matter and he was perfectly happy to talk away regardless. His name is Xiaoshuai, which translates to little handsome apparently.

A friend of mine called Trevor has this friend, who teaches Kung Fu. Apparently her father, also an instructor, taught Jet Li. A tall story you may say. You hear a lot of such in China. Whether true or not, who knows. She's a good teacher though from what I saw.

Animals, of course, also make good portraits. This fella was in Hackney. In China he would be lunch

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Beijing and the Great Wall

 Modern machinery at the bottom of the Great Wall. It really is a Great Wall! More to follow on that.

It really is a Great big wall! We were at the top in the midst of a sand storm. Some of the strongest winds I've experienced, full of sand. I felt like my face had been sandblasted by the end of the day. Certainly helped keep the tourist numbers down though!

You can see the way the sand coloured the sky in the background. Pretty mad!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Beijing at night

I loved the signs on the road. No idea what they say, but I bet it's not drive like lunatics and there's no tomorrow! I needed a tripod really, but left mine in the UK. Next camera related purchase will be a new one I think 

There are shopping malls everywhere in Beijing. People do lots of activities outside them; some traditional (calligraphy, etc) and some more modern. I got these dudes skate boarding. Although I now have a new tripod, I left it at home on this occasion.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

First pics from Beijing

Here are just a few snaps of my first day out with the camera in Beijing. More to come no doubt!

Can see myself on one of these before too long!

Well I just had to. Touristy I know, but... 

Beijing's version of scallies?

Just an afternoon Waltz in the park as you do.

The Magnolia's are famous around b the Forbidden city. Make for a great shot.

A bit of Tai Chi action. There was quite a lot of it going on it=n the park where I was. Hui Nan I think it's called. A lovely place.